Food You Didn’t Know Can Reduce Blood Pressure

by guestcontributor on December 10, 2012

Healthy alternatives to fighting common conditions such as high blood pressure is a must these days with cost of medicine skyrocketing. Thankfully, medical researchers are constantly looking out for natural ways to fight such diseases and improve overall health condition. One of the most recent breakthroughs in their study against high blood pressure is the ability of certain natural food items to lower your blood pressure level.

Raisin is one of those food items, which is therefore a good incentive to eat them apart from being tasty. Snacking on raisins a few times throughout the day is highly recommended by medical experts because it has been identified to lower blood pressure, albeit in a mild manner. This is a good option for people who have not experienced a full-blown hypertension and are trying to lower the risk factors.

The study, in particular, achieved the results when compared to other regular snacks such as chocolate cookies or crackers. According to the results of the study, those who regularly consumed raisins showed major improvement in the systolic blood pressure, as well as diastolic blood pressure. None of these same results were evident in those that opted for the traditional snack choices.

As of now, researchers could not pinpoint exactly what it is about raisins that bring about such results to the blood pressure level. A bigger study is needed in order to make that confirmation and establish the link. But many suspect that the high potassium level in raisins, as well as other beneficial components like antioxidants, phenolic acid, polyphenols, and fiber could be contributing factors.

The next time that you are looking to naturally lower your blood pressure, think about increasing your intake of raisins. Or better yet, make a healthy snack out of it to increase your level of consumption.


Vitamin D and Weight Loss


Vitamin D is a popular vitamin for preventing chronic diseases, especially cancer, and to keep skeletal system in good shape. However, recent study shows that vitamin D does more than that for our body, and diet freaks can certainly make good use out of it as it’s a proven to help on weight loss. A study in University of Minnesota suggests that, high level of vitamin D, promotes better ability for the body to burn more fat. Well of course, it comes with a balanced diet.

Inspired by the rising call to fight obesity, the research shows significant results for calorie-reduced diet. However, researchers’ aim is to pinpoint the baseline of which the vitamin gets into effect for every individual as soon as they cut big on their calorie intake.

The result is quite promising, as it shows significant concentration of fat loss along the tummy area. However, researchers emphasized that the weight loss is supported by sufficient nutritional platform through a balanced diet, as it provide the body the nutrient it needs and help it get through the fat loss phase.
For weight loss, vitamin D helps individuals achieve their desired weight through different ways. The first thing is to reduce food intake by making us feel satisfied faster, even with less amount of food. Second is that, it reduces the body’s ability to keep fats. Third, is by promoting metabolism, and fourth, promoting cardiovascular functions.

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